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An important part of gambling is the honesty and fairness of the casino game. Reliable and responsible game operators have software audited by an independent third-party auditor to test the games. One of these auditors is the Certified Fair Gambling (CFG) company.

Certified Fair Gambling review

Certified Fair Gambling was established in 2003 by Dr. Eliot Jacobson, one of the leading experts in the field of mathematics. Since then, the company has changed ownership twice, and since 2014 it is owned by Charles Muso and Total Gaming Science Inc.(TGS). CFG is now known worldwide as one of the leading online gambling certification companies. What CFG does is of great importance to both players and the online gambling industry itself: the CFG logo on the gambling establishment stands for safety and reliability, players can be assured that they are treated fairly and their money is safe.

Types of services

  • Audit of honesty and fairness of online casinos. CFG conducts an independent and transparent review of casino records and other information to form its opinion on the integrity and fairness of online casino games. An extensive series of statistical analyses of the previous month's gaming logs for each casino game is conducted monthly. 
  • The certified RTP. Every online casino game has an expected return to the player. CFG checks monthly RTP in the serviced casinos, and on the basis of checks issues or extends the RTP certificate. For audit purposes, each game has a theoretical RTP that is known in advance. The auditor calculates the RTP using actual gameplay data specified in the game log files and compares it to the theoretical RTP for that game. 
  • Certification of RNG. At the heart of every online casino game is a pseudorandom number generator. CFG carries out an audit of the RNG and on its basis issues RNG certificates.  
  • The integrity check of the software. Slots, table games, and other online casino offerings are tested by CFG to confirm that their results are not subject to any manipulation, that their activities are not aimed at deceiving players, and that in the course of their work there are no software errors that can disrupt the randomness of the game.

Dispute resolution

CFG helps everyone - players who believe they have been cheated at the casino; casinos that are trying to figure out problems with games; software vendors in their disputes with the casino. Whatever the problem, CFG is trying to solve it.

Certified Fair Gambling casinos

The following gambling operators cooperate with Certified Fair Gambling::

  • 5Dimes Casino,
  • Island Casino,
  • BetCRIS Casino Group,
  • Liberty Group,
  • World Poker Club Group

and others. A full list of CFG partners can be found on its website.


The main goal of CFG is fair play. The company provides the widest range of services available that benefit both players and casinos. Any gambling offered by the casino is regularly checked by the company so that players can feel confident about the fact that the casino treats them fairly. CFG audit is also beneficial for casinos - it is known that casinos that are fair receive more revenue due to increased customer loyalty and a better reputation.

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